Local & Small Business SEO Services

I provide SEO services for small businesses and local businesses. These are some of the features and benefits of my services:

  • Rank on the 1st page of Google.
  • Attract more visitors to your website.
  • Receive more calls to your office/store.
  • Convert more visitors to leads and sales.

If you want proof of my knowledge, skills and experience, this website ranks highly on Google.co.uk for many keywords, such as ‘SEO advice’, ‘SEO expert‘, ‘small business SEO’ and ‘freelance SEO consultant’.

You can also check rankings for previous clients. High rankings achieved include ‘private dentist london’, ‘surrey bookkeeping’, ‘London copywriter’ and ‘Brighton driving lessons’.

My all-inclusive SEO service covers every stage of the SEO process, from choosing keywords to on-site optimisation to creating content to building backlinks.

The price for my SEO service starts at £350 per month, depending on factors such as the keywords being targeted, the strength of the competition, and the quality of your website.

Let me know some keywords you would ideally like to rank highly for and/or who some of your competitors are, and I’ll let you know if I can help and provide a specific price.

My terms are monthly payment in advance. You can cancel the service at any time.

I only work with UK based businesses who have a monthly budget of at least £350. If you don’t meet these two criteria, I’m not the right SEO consultant to work on your website.

What’s the first step? Contact me:

UK Based Business? YesNo
Monthly Budget over £350? YesNo

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What Does My Local & Small Business SEO Service Include?

Keyword Research & Selection

What: Choose the best keywords for you to target based on relevance, commercial intent, search volume and competitiveness.

Why: Because some keywords will provide you with a better ROI than others.

Technical Audit & Optimisation

What: Analyse and optimise the technical set-up (page titles, descriptions, information architecture, internal linking, loading speed, etc.) of your website.

Why: Because a website that’s technically optimised correctly needs less additional work done to achieve good rankings than one that’s poorly optimised.

Conversion Optimisation

What: Analyse and optimise your sales pages and call-to-actions to encourage more people to buy, call, email, etc.

Why: Because converting more visitors to leads and sales is as important as attracting more visitors.

Set-up Tracking & Reporting

What: Install and customise Analytics software to measure key indicators of performance and track how people find your website and how they interact with it.

Why: Because this data shows how successful your SEO campaign is.

Content Development

What: Improve the quality and focus of your site’s content to make it more appealing to search engines and people.

Why: Because if search engines like your content they’ll rank it higher and if people like it they’ll link to it, share it and buy from you.

Link Building

What: Acquire backlinks, from relevant, trustworthy sources, to improve your site’s online authority and rankings.

Why: Because the more links there are pointing towards your site the higher it will rank in search engines.

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