Off-Site SEO

Off-site optimisation is the process of promoting your website across the web. The purpose is to build brand awareness, improve rankings in search engines and attract visitors from 3rd party websites.

It’s an on-going process – not a one-off, set and forget one. The best approach to off-site SEO depends on the industry you operate in and your budget, but your overall strategy should consist of several of the following methods:

Contact companies and bloggers with relevant (but non-competing) websites. Ask them to link to your best content.
Content Marketing
Contact companies and bloggers with relevant (but non-competing) websites. Publish content on their websites which links back to your website.
Press Releases
Write press releases to share news and opinions about developments in your industry. Distribute them via online channels and include links back to your website.
Get listed in good quality, manually reviewed business directories and local directories. Include links back to your website.
Pay Per Click
Use Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising to gain instant new visitors. Constantly review and adjust ads to improve click through rates and reduce the cost per click.
Network Sites
Create a network of websites that branch into sub-industries of your own. Provide useful information and link to relevant websites (including your own).
Video Marketing
Create videos that provide information and advice about your industry. Brand the videos and upload them to video sharing websites.
Comment Marketing
Comment on articles on relevant websites and blogs. Leave insightful comments and include links back to your website.
Forum Marketing
Be an active member of forums relevant to your industry. Answer questions and show yourself to be knowledgeable and authoritative.
Create content, on your own website and on a Facebook page, that appeals to Facebook users. Encourage people to ‘like’ your content and share it with their friends and family.
Banner Advertising
Create image adverts to display on relevant 3rd party websites. Regularly change the websites advertised on to expose your brand to new audiences.
Link Exchanges
Contact companies in relevant industries and link to each other’s websites. Only link to other websites that provide value to your own customer base.

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