Types Of Pages To Have On Your Website


The most important page, as it will probably get the most pageviews.
Don’t use to target all keywords.
Doesn’t covert well due to options and confusion.
Link to your best quality and most valuable (in terms of sales) pages.

—Sales Pages

Where you directly try and get someone to do something inparticular.
Not necessarily buy something, but also fill in a form, phone you, etc.
Attract few backlinks.
Call to action.
Write useful, unique and personalised descriptions.
Trust builders – symbols, phone numbers, etc.

—Category Pages

Group relevant sales pages, resource pages and blog posts together.
Important for usability.
Good opportunity to rank for good keywords.
Make accessible with 1 click from homepage and/or top navigation.

—Company Pages

About us, contact, privacy, etc.
Useful for building trust.
Take time with them, as at least some people will check them out.
Be open and honest about who you are, what you’re about and where you’re based.

—Asset Pages

Used to attract links, show expertise and build trust.
Each one should aim to be the best page on the internet about that topic.
Divert trust and authority from these to sales and category pages.
Don’t directly sell here. Pre-sell only.
Journal or book style pages.
Make accessible with 1 click from homepage and/or top navigation.
Add links to relevant sales pages.

—Blog Pages

Build relationships with customers and other websites.
Attract social media shares.
Social media friendly.
Offers and promotions.
Magazine style articles.
Add links to relevant sales pages.

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